permanecer: to stay, to remain, to keep [WORKING TITLE]
permanecer: to stay, to remain, to keep [WORKING TITLE]

Created by Rosanna Terracciano with dancer and collaborator, Melina Stinson.
Interpreted by Melina Stinson.

Music by Ghostkeeper.

Diving deep into an imagined vast jungle of the polka-dot begonia maculata plant, while exploring ideas of staying, the Spanish verb ‘permanecer’, how staying can start to feel like becoming.

This work began with questions surrounding home, the aging dancing body, and the body and ego in performance. For the first time, Rosanna Terracciano steps back as performer to create solo work on a mover other than herself, a non-flamenco dancing body, an interpreter of the visual and of craft that motivates her creative urges. Dancer Melina Stinson is her muse, a dancer she first met in contemporary dance classes at the University of Calgary Program of Dance over two decades ago, and with whom she shares Calgary and Alberta as their birth place, their home (or once home), home to their families; Calgary and Alberta as places forever embedded in their skin and in their breath and in their bones.

Premiering September 2022. More information coming soon.