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empezar, in pieces

A short dance film created as recipient of a 2011 Bars ‘n Tone Production Access grant from the EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society in Calgary, Alberta.

Directed/filmed/edited by: Rosanna Terracciano
Featuring: Rosanna Terracciano & Ella Hahn
Music by: David Matyas


A unique flamenco voice, WOMEN IN ACTION, Athens Video Dance Project
(Theater of Athens School of Fine Arts; Athens, GREECE; Jan 20, 2019)

Nur Box Theatre
(cSPACE; Calgary, CANADA; Apr 2018)

Coetani Experimental Flamenco Festival
(PLAYGROUND For the Arts; Athens, GREECE; Jan 31/Feb 1, 2015)

Im Raum Flamenco Festival
(OFF-Theater Wien; Vienna, AUSTRIA; Aug 4, 2013)

2013 Spanish Festival (opening for Pedro Almodovar's Volver)
(The Plaza; Calgary, CANADA; Apr 27, 2013)

GAMA, Gallery of Alberta Media Arts
(EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts; Calgary, CANADA; Feb-Apr 2013)

Prairie Tales 14
(Various locations; 2012/2013)

FFLAM, Festival Flamenco Montreal
(Cinema Beaubien; Montreal, CANADA; Sept 20, 2012)

FFLAC, Festival of Flamenco Short Films, International Circuit Brazil
(Brasilia, Aug 21-26, 2012; Sao Paulo, Aug 8-12, 2012; Rio de Janeiro, July 24-19, 2012)

Resonant Frequencies - EMMEDIA Production Access 2011 Screening
(Plaza Theatre; Calgary, CANADA; Sept 16, 2011)

FFLAC, Festival of Flamenco Short Films
(Matadero; Madrid, SPAIN; Dec 9, 2011)

Output-Input 2011
(EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society; Calgary, CANADA; Dec 10, 2011)